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Football Mannequins

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With the FORZA Football Free Kick Mannequin, you can choose between a junior free-kick mannequin or a top set-piece training aid for seniors with our two mannequin sizes and get to work on developing the techniques that would make the pro’s proud. Manufactured with a tough PVC body, this reliable football training equipment is built to last, with the capacity to handle the impact of hard shots. Finished in an eye-catching fluorescent yellow design, these are the best free-kick mannequins for winter and night-time training, adding a splash of colour to the dullest training sessions.

With the FORZA 4ft Free Kick Mini Mannequins, your youngsters will be creating some dead ball magic of their own. Suitable for use at home as well as in club training sessions, these free-kick training aids for kids feature two steel ground spikes for easy insertion into grass pitches. This allows the mannequins to stand rigidly, while their PVC body and moulded chest plate can withstand all the inevitable scuffed strikes as your youngsters find their feet. Teach your kids how to take a free kick and watch the goals pour in. This lightweight football training equipment is perfect for those who want maximum effectiveness with minimum fuss. Representing essential free-kick training equipment for kids, the 4ft free-kick mannequins will help develop fundamental skills from an early age.

The FORZA ASTRO Football Mannequins are the perfect free-kick training aid for artificial surfaces. In order to convert your existing free-kick training mannequins for use on Astroturf pitches, the FORZA Rubber Base For Free Kick Mannequins is an essential piece of equipment. Featuring 4 grooves designed to fit mini, junior and senior sized training dummies, the weighted rubber base ensures that your mannequins stand tall and strong throughout use. Their substantial weight of 13kg is the strongest on the market, offering stability that cannot be matched. These heavy duty rubber bases are perfect for clubs who training on grass as well as Astroturf, as they negate the need for astro specific free-kick mannequins.

Free-kick training doesn’t have to be confined to club sessions. Whenever the mood strikes for some set-piece action, the Spring Back Football Free Kick Mannequins will spring into action. This pack of 3 lightweight mesh training dummies are a portable alternative to traditional training tools, allowing for free-kick training on the move. While the mannequins are light in weight, they are also incredibly strong, with their hard-wearing mesh sleeve capable of handling anything that is thrown into its path without becoming damaged.

The secret weapon of these non-permanent free-kick mannequins is the innovative spring back feature. Coming fully equipped with spring loaded slalom poles, the free-kick dummies simply return to position upon impact, eliminating the need to constantly reset them for the next free-kick. For convenience and durability, these fantastic training aids for free-kicks simply cannot be beaten, offering consistent and worthwhile training drills for years to come. Including a handy carry bag as standard, storage and transport of these Spring Back Football Free-Kick Mannequins is a simply as slotting away an open goal, allowing you to put in the work whenever you feel like it.

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