Work on your strike partnerships to devastate defences. This shooting drill involves finishing whilst being pressured by a defender. The attacking move starts with 2 attacking players collecting 1 out of 5 balls and surging forward against a defender who starts on the post. The 2 attacking players combine to create a goalscoring chance. If the defenders regain possession of the ball, the attack is finished. Two groups play simultaneously whilst competing to see who scores the most goals. Attacking players then change roles as do the defenders.

1. Mark out an area depending on age & ability with 2 rows of cones positioned 5 yards between each group of players, with 5 balls spread out along for each group of 3 players. 2 defenders situated to the side of each goal taking it in turns to defend 2 v 1.


2. Teams compete against each other to score the most goals. Each team has 5 attempts to score 2 v 1 with the balls being used in any order. The defender enters the area to prevent the pair scoring.


3. Pairs can work together by passing or go themselves with a dribble & shot. If the defender wins the ball the attack is finished.


4. Once the attack has finished, the pair collect the next ball and attack the goal. Players should alternate in their group who attacks. The team with the most goals wins.


Attack at Pace | Movement off the Ball | Decision Making | Execution of Shot


Both defenders take part to play 2 v 2 or 3 v 2.