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ACESO Reusable Hot & Cold Pack [Packs of 1/30]


ACESO Reusable Hot & Cold Pack [Packs of 1/30]

  • Hot & Cold Pack
  • Heat & Ice Packs
  • Hot & Cold Pack for back pain
  • Heat & Ice Pack
  • Heat & Ice Pack - Hot & Cold Packs
  • Hot & Cold Pack
  • Heat & Ice Packs
  • Hot & Cold Pack for back pain
  • Heat & Ice Pack
  • Heat & Ice Pack - Hot & Cold Packs
A reusable hot and cold pack ideal for treating sports injuries. Supplied with an extra soft sleeve for added comfort and available individually or as a pack of 20.
4.8/5 (Read 5 customer reviews)

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Dispatch Date: 5 June 2024

Reusable Hot & Cold Therapy – First Aid For Multiple Injuries

Cold Hot packs

Lasting Heating/Cooling Effect

The gel packs provide excellent temperature retention, helping reduce swelling & inflammation when cold, or improving blood circulation & soothing muscle pains with heat treatment.

Reusable heat treatment

Durable, Reusable Design

Made with a puncture-proof exterior, the ACESO Hot & Cold Pack ensures a long lifespan & can be stored away until required, making it perfect for continuous treatment at home.

Hot & Cold packs

Multipurpose Use

The 2-in-1 design offers versatile treatment options for multiple acute & chronic injuries. Microwave for deep heat relief or chill it in the freezer for instant cold therapy.


A Reusable Hot/Cold Pack That Provides Soothing Care To Injuries

When dealing with muscle discomfort, aches or strains, applying heat or cold to the injured area can effectively subdue pain. This multifunction reusable pack has been designed to allow players to be treated with both elements to ensure that the pain caused from football related injuries can be successfully reduced. Supplied with a soft cover that will not irritate the skins surface, a player’s injuries will be able to be treated quickly and with care.

As a useful piece of equipment that is able to administer quick pain relief, this versatile 25cm (10in) x 12cm (4.5in) pack can be used in any location to provide medical assistance to players. Whether you’re looking to safeguard an individual or an entire team, these premium reusable hot and cold compresses are supplied singly or as a larger pack of 20.

  • A versatile pack that can be used to treat a range of injuries including bruising, sprains and aches.
  • Features a non-toxic gel filling encased within a puncture proof packet.
  • 25cm (10in) x 12cm (4.5in) size.
  • Supplied with an extra soft cover to prevent skin irritation.

The non-toxic gel within each pack ensures that players will receive appropriate care for their injuries. Since the gel can be heated with a microwave or chilled in a freezer, this is the ultimate 2-in-1 sports pack to assist in treating players. With innovative gel technology and a puncture proof exterior that guarantees that this useful piece of medical equipment can be repeatedly used, your players will benefit from this multifunction item.


Reusable ACESO Hot & Cold Pack Specifications

What You Get:

  • 1x Gel Pack
  • Soft sleeve for skin protection


  • Size: 25cm L x 12cm W | 10in L x 4.5in W
  • Weight: 200g | 7oz


  • Puncture-resistant exterior casing
  • Non-toxic gel filling
  • Soft fabric sleeve with elasticated strap (hook-and-loop fastening)


  • Place in hot water (max 80°C/176°F) or microwave for deep heating therapy
  • Set in the freezer to create an ice pack, can also be stored in the refrigerator
  • Save money & reduce waste with a multipurpose design
  • PLEASE NOTE: Do not apply directly to the skin.
  • DISCLAIMER: Please carefully read and acknowledge the instructions on the pack before use
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Based on 5 customer reviews

Trusted Customer
very good in deed hot or cold
Trusted Customer
it does the job I bought it for
Trusted Customer
Ideal to help the swelling go down on my recovering ankle break when I had my foot down too much
Trusted Customer
If anyone looking for an ice pack that you can tie on to your arm or legthis is the business, absolutely brill would buy another if needed
Trusted Customer
great product as described in the advert
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Questions & Answers

1 question | 1 answer

How do you heat the pack?


Hi Denise, thanks for the question. For heat therapy, you can heat the pack up in the microwave. You can also cool it down in the freezer for cold therapy. Please let me know if you need anything else. Many thanks, Dan.


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