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FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets

FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets

    Premium Quality Football Goal Target Sheets FORZA Pro Goal Target Sheets How To Improve Shooting Accuracy For Strikers Easy To Attach Goal Target Sheets Best Training Tools For Strikers Consistent Target Sheets Strong Loop And Pin Straps Bright Yellow Target Sheet Banding Air Mesh Material Target Sheets
  • Premium Quality Football Goal Target Sheets
  • FORZA Pro Goal Target Sheets
  • How To Improve Shooting Accuracy For Strikers
  • Easy To Attach Goal Target Sheets
  • Best Training Tools For Strikers
  • Consistent Target Sheets
  • Strong Loop And Pin Straps
  • Bright Yellow Target Sheet Banding
  • Air Mesh Material Target Sheets
FORZA Pro Target Sheets available in six sizes for football shooting practice. Made from premium air mesh material, the sheets highlight the top and bottom corners of the goal.
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Score For Fun With These Premium Target Sheets

shooting accuracy target sheets

Score From All Angles

Top corner or bottom corner - pick your spot. This target sheet enhances finishing in the four key scoring areas of the goal, so you can score with style.

easy to attach target sheets

Fasten In A Flash

For ease of assembly and stability, these target sheets are top of the table. Their strong loop & pin straps quickly attach the sheets to all goal frames.

wind-resistant target sheets

Don't Get Carried Away!

Fine-tuning your finishing is a year long pursuit. Designed from air mesh material, wintery winds won't compromise training sessions with these sheets.


Gain That Killer Instinct In Front Of Goal With These Premium Football Target Sheets

To emulate the free-scoring exploits of Premier League hotshots such as Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero, pin-point accuracy and awe-inspiring finesse are essential attributes. Give your training drills for strikers a table-topping twist with these professional quality football goal target sheets. You won't need a second chance in front of goal with these four-zone target sheets at your disposal, leaving the 'keeper with no answer to your top-corner bound rockets. Designed to specifications worthy of gracing top international training grounds, strikers of all standards will be scoring for fun with this essential piece of football training equipment.

Whether you're standing over a dead ball, stepping up to the penalty spot or trying your luck from open play, this top of the range target sheet will prepare you for everything. These great training tools allow you to work on precision finishing by isolating the top and bottom corners. Aiming for those key goal zones heighten your chances of hitting the back of the net when locking horns with the goalkeeper. The ultra-visible fluro yellow banding further illuminates the corners, allowing for enhanced focus when aiming for your target.

To keep goal droughts at bay, consistent shooting training is a necessity. There's no time for a winter break with the golden boot at stake - these long-lasting and highly durable football goal target sheets will be there even when the sun isn't. Manufactured from professional quality air mesh material to reduce interference by strong gusts, the only thing getting blown away will be the opposition. This essential piece of training equipment is perfect for extra practice time at home or as a training aid for football clubs.

From replicating the inventive finishing of Luis Suarez, to the poaching prowess of Antoine Griezmann, strikers of all ages long to walk in the footsteps of their favourite goalscorers. Available in six great sizes, these target sheets can be applied to a variety of age groups. The range of sizes kick off at 12 x 6 for mini-football marvels before climbing up to a regulation 24 x 8 variation for senior sharpshooters. For the samba skillsters, there's also a 3m x 2m target sheet tailored for futsal goals, perfect for sharpening those skill shots and acrobatic volleys. Whichever size is best for you, the same professional quality is guaranteed.

Securely attaching the target sheets is as simple as slotting into an open goal. Featuring sturdy loop and pin straps with a fastening mechanism, you can set-up your shooting training aid in a flash. Elastic bungee chords are included for attaching the target sheets base to the goal frame. This ensures that the sheet maintains its shape throughout use, providing consistent target practice. Boasting the durability to handle the impact of misshit shots without pulling up injured, this is the ultimate football target sheets for goal-hungry strikers.

PLEASE NOTE: These pro football goal target sheets are suitable for use with the FORZA Steel42, Alu60 and Alu110 football goals. In order to safely use the target sheets with Alu60 goals, u-pegs and sandbags are required (sold seperately).


Target Sheet Materials

  • Made from premium air mesh material to reduce the impact of windy weather
  • Heavy duty mesh net sheet and nylon banding
  • Bright & highly visible fluro yellow banding clearly displays where the target zones are located

Goal Attachment

  • Strong velcro/loop and pin straps for simple and secure attachment to any goal frame
  • Velcro/loop and pin straps are 9.5cm (3.75in) wide
  • Long elastic bungee cords attach the bottom of the sheet to the goal, to enhance shape retention

Training Use

  • Focuses on developing shooting accuracy in the four main scoring zones (top and bottom corners)
  • Suited to developing penalties, free kick taking and open play finishing


  • Designed specifically to fit six goal sizes
  • Sizes - 12 x 6, 3m x 2m (futsal goal), 16 x 7, 18.5 x 6.5, 21 x 7 and 24 x 8
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Hi just wondering if the target sheet is suitable for a pvc goal or if it should only be used on steel or aluminum goals


Hello Stu, thank you very much for getting in touch. Yes, these target sheets are compatible with all FORZA goals as long as it's the correct size, you should have no problem what so ever!
Many thanks,


FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets

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FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets

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