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FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs


FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs

  • FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs
  • FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs
  • FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs
  • FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs
  • FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs
  • FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs
  • FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs
FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs made from high tensile tubular plastic. Fluorescent yellow football training equipment with steel ground spikes for insertion into grass. Packs of 5 or 10.
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Fluorescent Yellow Plastic Football Training Passing Arcs With Ground Spikes For Grass

FORZA Passing Targets For Football Training | Football Training Equipment Ideal For Improving Passing Accuracy

Football Training Passing Arcs To Improve Passing Technique

Learn how to pass through defensive lines with this essential piece of football training equipment. These training arcs provide a target to focus on and a challenging twist to passing practice, perfect for both long range and short passing technique training. The versatile passing arcs can also double up as hurdles to train and improve stamina & agility on and off the ball.

Passing Arc Hurdles For Football | Football Training Passing Arcs

Highly Visible Fluorescent Yellow Football Passing Targets

There's no need for coaches and players to take a winter break from passing practice. These football training passing targets have been designed in a fluorescent yellow colour which is convenient & easy to locate on the pitch during night time and low-visibility winter sessions, allowing you and your whole squad to benefit from training sessions all-year round.

Football Training Equipment For Passing | Highly Visible Football Training Passing Arcs

Football Training Equipment With Strong Steel Ground Spikes

These football training passing arcs are held secure even under the weight of wildly mishit passes due to the robust ground spikes. These spikes accompany the high tensile tubular plastic materials in their durability, and insert into grass pitches with ease, remaining in position during the sessions.


Perfect Your Passing Accuracy With These Fluorescent Yellow High Tensile Plastic Football Training Passing Arcs

Pinpoint passing can unlock the most stubborn defences, and these football training passing arcs are an essential piece of equipment for developing key passing skills. Suited to long or short range passing drills, these football passing arcs are ideal for players who train at home or at the local park as well as clubs coaches. In the modern game where possession is key, footballers of all position can benefit from enhancing their passing technique with this football training equipment.Perfect for consistent passing practice, the durable football training arcs have been made using incredibly strong high tensile tubular plastic. These football training passing arcs are both incredibly durable and weatherproof, meaning that they can handle wayward passes and inclement conditions without showing any signs of wear and tear. Choose between a pack of 5 or 10 and get to work on carving open backlines up and down the league.

  • Essential football training equipment which has been designed to improve long and short range passing
  • Ultra-durable football passing arcs manufactured from long-lasting high tensile tubular plastic
  • Highly visible fluorescent yellow design which makes the passing arcs suitable for night-time and winter use
  • For ease of insertion into soft playing surfaces such as grass, the passing arcs are fitted with steel ground spikes
  • Two pack quantities available for purchase – choose between a pack of 5 or a larger pack of 10




  • Width: 47cm | 18.5in
  • Apex: 47cm | 18.5in


  • Fabricated from high tensile tubular plastic
  • Metal spikes


  • Colour: Fluorescent yellow
  • IMPORTANT: The pack of 10 will be delivered as 2x Packs of 5
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Based on 3 customer reviews

Trusted Customer
I got these as an extra for my teams but very happy and we have thought of quite a few drill to use them with . The product is to a good strength and quality plus you can also buy feet for indoor use
Trusted Customer
Great, could have been packaged better
Trusted Customer
Good product. Carrying diffult. Wish the manufacturer had made it from one straight spring which could then be bent to form the arcs.
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Questions & Answers

1 question | 1 answer

Can I use the forza football passing arcs on astro???


Hi Carl, thank you very much for the enquiry. Unfortunately not sorry, these are required to be spiked into a grass pitch.
Many thanks,


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