Buying replacement nets for your football goalposts might sound straightforward enough, but there’s actually quite a lot of choice, and it can quickly become quite a complex decision.

When looking to buy a football net, you will need to know what size of football goal you have - the width and height. You should also know the material the goalposts are made with and the type of net support or attachment they have. Finally, you will need to decide the netting grade and colour you require.

If this sounds a little confusing, don’t worry - this guide will take you through the process of buying the perfect football goal net.

Football Goal Net Types

When you come to buy a football net, you will have three main categories to choose from:

  • Straight Back Nets
  • Standard Nets
  • Stadium Box Nets

The different types of football nets relate to how they attach and hang from the goalposts.

Straight Back Nets

Straight back nets are used on goalposts with no specialised attachment points. The nets are either attached to the crossbar with small hooks or net-clips. The bottom of the net is anchored into the ground with pegs.

This type of football goal comes in various sizes, from garden goals to full size 24ft x 8ft goals.

Straight Back Nets

Standard Football Nets

Standard football nets are typically used on socketed or permanent football goals. Standard football nets are designed to hang or attach to a top runback - otherwise called a stanchion or “D-Bracket”. The runbacks sit at the back of the goalposts on either side, near the top corner.

To attach standard nets, you hang them over the runbacks, pull them down and peg them into the ground. Because of the length of the brackets, standard football nets are deeper than straight back nets, especially at the top.

Standard soccer Nets

Stadium Box Nets

Box nets attach to the goalposts and crossbar, with the back of the net hoisted up to supporting stanchions behind it. Supporting stanchions create the box shape that the nets are named after.

Stadium box nets are the preferred style of net used by professional teams across the UK and Europe. You'll often see stadium box goals and nets during Premier League matches and other top flight games competitions such as the Champions League.

Stadium Box football Nets


The grade of a football net is a term used to categorise the thickness of each type of net. The thinnest nets, which are also usually the most affordable, start with a thickness of 1.6mm. If you are looking for the highest quality football nets possible, similar to those used in professional leagues, then you’ll want the thickest football nets, which are 5mm.

Whilst 1.6mm nets are great for kids' garden football goals; if you want a net that will last for years and withstand hundreds of thunderous goals, then you should opt for the thickest nets that your budget allows. Thicker nets are generally more robust and durable.


Twine is a type of rope, string, or cord made up of two or more strands of material that are twisted or plaited together. When you choose a football net, you will need to consider what type of twine you want your net to have.

The “twine type” of football nets, refers to the materials used to manufacture the nets and how the nets are woven or stitched together.

Football Net Twine Types

The strength and durability of a football net are directly related to how the twine is manufactured and the method used to put the net together. The method used to put the net together is called the “Twine type”.

Knotted Football Nets

Knotted nets are often seen on school and amateur football pitches. As the name suggests, knotted nets are held together by knots that form squares or hexagons.

Knotted nets are most commonly used with PVC football goals. Knotted nets tend to be seen as a cost-effective option but are still weatherproof and extremely durable.

Knotted Nets

Braided Football Nets

Used by professional clubs around the UK and Europe, braided nets are woven together. Woven nets are stronger than knotted nets and look more streamlined. Woven nets are less likely to break or unravel and can last decades without issues.

Woven nets offer the ultimate level of strength, durability and performance. Many people associate the look, feel and noise of a ball hitting the back of a woven net, with top level matches.

braided net

Football Net Materials

The majority of football nets used by amateur clubs in the UK are made of polypropylene. This type of plastic is extremely robust and versatile, with a very high level of heat tolerance compared to similar materials. It is used in various products, including industrial ropes. Because it is durable and less brittle than other plastics, it is also used in products with moving parts, such as container hinges.

High-density polyethelene, or HDPE, is used in professional-grade football nets. HDPE is extra tough and has excellent resistance to solvents, so football nets containing HDPE can be washed without corroding. HDPE is also 100% weatherproof and is used to manufacture outdoor sports equipment. As the name suggests, High-density polyethelene is very dense compared to other plastics, making it extra-strong. HDPE football nets are the most robust and durable nets on the market. If you are looking for the best football nets money can buy, then chances are you will want one made with HDPE.

Football Net FAQ

How Big are Football Nets?

Professional football teams use full-size football nets that are 24 foot wide and 8 feet tall. Here at FORZA, we supply football nets to fit all types of football goalposts, from mini garden goals to full-size professional goals.

Can You Buy Custom Colour Football Nets?

We sell a range of football nets available in various colours. For example, you can buy stadium box nets in any colour. We also sell straight striped back and standard nets in a range of colours.

braided net

How do you put up a football net?

The way you put up a football net on a full-size goal will depend on whether the net is straight back, stadium box or standard design.

You may also require some football net accessories such as net clips, net pegs, and U-pegs to secure the net in place - around the goalposts and into the ground. To make the process easier, you may also be interested in buying a peg mallet, football net carry bag and support stanchions for stadium box nets.

The best way to put up a football net will depend on the specific net, and you should always check with the manufacturer.

As a general guideline, it usually takes two people to put up a net on a full-size football goal. To put up a standard football net, you will first need to measure the goalposts to ensure you have the correct size net.

Once you've ensured you have the correct size net, find the areas of the net that hook over the runbacks / D-rings.

You will typically start the process of putting it up by draping it over the crossbar and hanging the appropriate part of the net onto the runbacks.

If your football goal doesn't have runbacks and you have a straight back net, then you will usually want to hang the top corner of the net over the joins between the goalposts and the crossbars - leaving a slight overlap in the top corner so that you can clip the net together.

Once the net is secured to the corners of the crossbar, you will want to use net clips to attach the net to the vertical goalposts. Using a step ladder, you can now clip the net around the rest of the crossbar. On goalposts with no type of fixings or attachments, you will typically have to pull the net over the crossbar and under it, before clipping it around the crossbar and onto the top of the net hanging at the back of the goal.

Once the net is attached to the crossbar and the posts, you can peg it into the ground. Start by pegging the side netting down, with a peg or U-peg that is behind one of the vertical goal posts but as close as possible to it, so there's no gap if someone scores in the bottom corner! Peg the net at regular intervals around both sides at the back.

Safety Notice: Always have two people hanging up a football net and ensure you use any equipment such as step ladders or mallets in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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