As part of the FIFA Quality Programme, FIFA Quality marks recognise football products, technologies and surfaces that meet the FIFA Quality Programme’s Standards. It helps distinguish the best quality football products from inferior alternatives, so buyers can get the maximum use and most reliable performance out of what they buy. The FIFA Quality Programme also ensures that equipment and surfaces used in FIFA matches and tournaments, reach a standardised level of quality.

With this in mind, we have created a comprehensive guide that explains the FIFA Quality Programme and the three FIFA Quality marks (FIFA Basic, FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro). We cover the criteria that products such as footballs, have to meet to receive a FIFA Quality mark to give you the knowledge you need to buy a FIFA approved football with confidence.

History of FIFA Quality Marks

FIFA Quality Marks were first launched in 1996 as part of the FIFA Quality Programme, which saw certification awarded to a select group of footballs. Over time, new quality marks were added to the programme, before the system was reviewed in 2014. The FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro marks were introduced as part of the 2014 review of the programme.

In October 2020, the FIFA Basic quality mark was launched alongside the rebranding of the FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro marks. The aim of the FIFA Basic standard was to recognise products, technologies and surfaces that provide cheaper alternatives for grass roots clubs but offer comparable performance levels to the top quality products. At the time of writing, these three FIFA Quality Marks are used to credit tested football products.

FIFA Quality Marks Explained

As set out earlier, the three quality mark standards that FIFA use for products approved to their standards are: FIFA Basic, FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro.

These standards have been created to accredit football products, technologies and playing surfaces that meet FIFA’S safety, performance and cost criteria.

In this section we’ll go through each of the FIFA Quality marks to help you select products that are best suited to your requirements.

FIFA Basic

The FIFA Basic quality mark acknowledges products that adhere to basic safety, performance and durability standards at an affordable price. Grass roots football clubs and schools with limited budgets will often look for this level of accreditation when buying football equipment, as they have the reassurance of knowing that the products meet FIFA’s high standards whilst being priced at a lower price point than FIFA Quality and Quality Pro products.

FIFA Quality

The FIFA Quality standard places greater importance on the durability and safety of products, putting them under tougher testing than what’s carried out at FIFA Basic Standard. Some tests are carried out to assess the performance levels of the products, but the main aim of this standard is to recognise products that are long lasting and can be used at all levels of football. Products, technologies and surfaces that receive this FIFA Quality mark will have passed through a stringent testing process to be awarded the FIFA Quality mark.

FIFA Quality Certification

FIFA Quality Pro

The FIFA Quality Pro mark is the highest form of recognition in the FIFA Quality Programme. This standard recognises the highest quality products that deliver the ultimate level of performance, accuracy, safety and durability. This quality mark indicates the product, technology or surface has gone through the toughest of testing and is suitable for use at the highest level of football in either matches or training. As a result of the quality of these products, they ultimately cost more, which means it is typically professional football clubs and governing bodies that favour products that carry the FIFA Quality Pro mark.

FIFA PRO Certification

Footballs and FIFA Quality Marks

Buying a football can be difficult given the vast selection of brands and models available. Given the importance a football plays in matches and training, it is vital that you choose a football that offers the best quality performance and durability within your budget.

Looking for footballs with one of the three FIFA Quality marks makes your search that bit easier, as you’ll have reassurance that the ball you choose has been tested extensively and received certification from football’s world governing body.

If you buy a football that hasn’t received a FIFA Quality mark, you are taking a chance on a football that hasn’t been tested strenuously to FIFA standards and may be unreliable in terms of performance and durability. Even the smallest flaw in the construction of the ball will affect the consistency of both the roll along the ground and the flight through the air.

The FIFA Quality mark programme requires footballs to pass seven tests that will assess the ball’s weight, circumference, roundness, bounce, water absorption levels, how quickly the ball loses pressure and how the ball retains its size/shape. The testing becomes increasingly stringent for each level of FIFA Quality Mark, with the testing for the FIFA Quality Pro mark (the highest standard of quality mark) taking place under the most demanding conditions.

FIFA accredited balls must also be manufactured in compliance with the WFSGI code of conduct. This ensures that the footballs are made under conditions that are considered highly ethical in regards to working conditions and environmental protection.

For the professional game, the IFAB (International Football Association Board) state in Law 2 of their regulations, that all balls used in official competition matches under the governance of FIFA must meet all requirements and must bear a FIFA Quality mark from the FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs.

Where Can You Find a Football With A FIFA Quality Mark?

At FORZA we stock a range of footballs that carry a FIFA Quality mark. We have the highest quality footballs at a fair price for all standards of football. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective ball with a FIFA Basic Quality mark, or a football suitable for professional competition, with FIFA Quality Pro accreditation, we’ve got footballs for sale to cover each of the three FIFA quality mark accreditations.

FORZA Academy Footballs

FORZA Academy Footballs have been tested and certified to FIFA Basic standards, offering a cost-effective football that offers a premium performance to players of all ages and abilities. The ball has been expertly designed with a 3.5mm thick EVA foam, lined with a layer of 0.2mm thick TPU, giving a tear-resistant football that performs consistently on multiple surfaces. This provides a durable case to a butyl bladder that has been reinforced with 2500 yards of polyester, helping the ball retain its pressure and shape under the toughest of impacts as well as bouncing reliably every time you play. The colour options for this football give them great aesthetic appeal and they are sold in sizes 3, 4, and 5, in packs of 1, 3, or 30.

Academy Football Ball
FORZA Club Football Ball

FORZA Club Football

Bearing a FIFA Basic quality mark, FORZA Club Footballs offer premium quality at unrivalled value for money. Suited to football clubs and buyers on limited budgets, the ball contains a butyl bladder surrounded by six heat pressed panels made from 1.2mm thick polyurethane. This helps with the footballs shape retention and ensures it maintains a consistent bounce. This match-quality ball is also tear-resistant and weatherproof, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use on a multitude of playing surfaces. FORZA Club Footballs are available in two vibrant colour combinations (White & Blue or White & Pink), in sizes 3, 4, and 5, in packs of either 1, 3, or 30.

FORZA Icon Football

The FORZA Icon Football is a popular choice amongst football clubs around the world. This football has been recognised with a FIFA Quality mark, due to the expert 3D-hybrid construction, that enables the ball to roll and bounce predictably across all football playing surfaces. Stringent testing has proven that this football can perform consistently under the toughest conditions and provide an optimal feel on the boot. The choice of 4 vibrant colourways makes the ball visible in all levels of light. The FORZA Icon is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5, in packs of 1, 3 or 30.

ICON Football
Futsal Ball

FORZA Pro Futsal Balls

FORZA Pro Futsal Balls have been awarded a FIFA Quality Mark thanks to its quality and durability. Suitable for futsal matches and training, at all ages and levels, each ball has been manufactured with a hi-abrasion, waterproof, tear resistant PU (polyurethane) casing for a reliable performance on all surfaces. Reinforced with a layer of PV, manufactured using an interweaving method, and laminated with high ammonia latex, the ball is then treated with 60% dry rubber to provide bacteriostatic protection and longevity. The butyl bladder is lined with 2200 yards of polyester for improved air and shape retention. The FORZA Pro Futsal Ball is available in sizes 3 or 4, in packs of 1, 3 and 12.

FORZA Icon+ Official Match Football

Carrying a FIFA Quality Pro mark, the highest level of quality mark that can be awarded, the FORZA Icon+ is perfect for the very top level of football. This ball has been certified to FIFA’s highest standards after undertaking the toughest of assessments to prove its first-class performance, accuracy, safety and durability. This stitch-free, seamless football has been constructed with 24 thermally bonded panels made from premium PU leather to minimise water absorption and help the ball stay in shape and maintain elite performance all-year round. The casing is also scratch resistant to ensure the ball can be used in the professional game for years to come. Inside the structure is a latex lined butyl bladder that helps give the ball longevity and assists with a soft feel to give players ultimate control of the football. The FORZA Icon+ is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5, in packs of 1, 3 or 12.

FORZA Icon+ Match FootBall

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