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When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day always takes place on 26th December, the day after Christmas Day. This year Boxing Day will fall on Sunday 26th December 2021. After that the next Boxing Day will be on Monday 26th December 2022.


What is Boxing Day?

Deriving in the UK, Boxing Day can be traced back to the Middle Ages with its origins lying in small acts of kindness. Traditionally Boxing Day was a day for employers to give Christmas boxes to their staff. Now, Boxing Day is synonymous with sales and offers across a range of retailers.


Will you have a Boxing Day sale?

Here at FORZA, we’re just the gift that keeps on giving and will be offering all types of deals on Boxing Day. So, if Santa forgot to get you the FORZA football goal you asked for or you’re looking to up your game with our training essentials and have Christmas money to spend, you’ve come to right place as you’ll be able to find lots of different Boxing Day football deals right here!