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20KG Sandbag Goal Weight

20KG Sandbag Goal Weight

Multibuy! Save Up To 40%
    20KG Sandbag 20KG Sandbag Football Goal Weight Velcro Lined Sandbag Heavy Duty Sandbag
  • 20KG Sandbag
  • 20KG Sandbag Football Goal Weight
  • Velcro Lined Sandbag
  • Heavy Duty Sandbag
23 inch x 15 inch polyethylene 20kg sandbag goal weight. Perfect for anchoring any size freestanding goals and cricket cages. Available singularly, in packs of 5 and jumbo packs of 50.

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Regular Price: £7.99

Dispatch Date: 19th February

Tough 20kg Sandbag Weights For Freestanding Cages, Goals & Nets 

Sandbag Weights For Goals, Cages & Netting

Safely Secure Posts In Place

From professional sized football goals to mini hockey goals, no matter the size of the net the BS EN standard sandbags will safely secure nets into place. 

20kg Heavy Duty Sandbag Goal Anchors

Heavy Duty Polyethylene

These sandbags are manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene which makes our bags impact resistant & weatherproof allowing them to stand the test of time.

Sandbags For Football Goals, Baseball Cages & Cricket Netting

Great For Indoor Use

Unlike metal ground pegs, sandbags do not need to penetrate the floor to anchor a goal down, this means you can anchor goals indoors or outdoors safely.


Temporarily Anchor Goals, Cages & Nets In Place With These 20kg Sandbag Anchors  

Perfect for anchoring football goals in place, during matches and training sessions, just add sand to these 20kg sandbag weights to ensure your nets stay in place goal after goal. Fill the bag with sand, place onto the freestanding posts and play with the peace of mind that the touch fastening system will keep the sand within the bag at all times. 

    • Temporarily anchor goals, cages and nets in place indoors or outdoors.
    • Each sandbag is 59cm (23in) in length and 38cm (14.9in) long to hold up to 20kg of sand
    • Using sandbag goal weights allows you to facilitate a safe environment and meet the BS EN standards for safety.   
    • Hook and loop fastener strip keeps sand securely inside the sandbag.
    • Manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene for added durability.
    • Available individually, in packs of 5 and packs of 50.  

    Measuring 23in (59cm) long and 15in (38cm) wide these sandbags are made to last. Manufactured from a durable polyethylene which has a high impact resistance, the bags are also weatherproof meaning that you can play in any conditions with the knowledge that your nets will remain in place.

    Both filling and emptying this bag is made significantly easier thanks to the wide touch fastening strap that runs along the top of the bag. Whilst the sandbag’s fold over enclosure keeps sand within the bag for as long as it is needed.

    In contrast to ground pegs, these 20kg sandbag weights can be used on any surface as they do not need to penetrate the ground to secure a goal in place. This makes sandbags the ideal anchoring system for leisure centres and schools that utilise indoor pitches or AstroTurf.

    • Full size football goals 24ft x 8ft (7.3m x 2.4m) – 6 per goal.
    • Youth size football goals 21ft x 7ft (6.4m x 2.1m) - 6 per goal.
    • 9v9 goals 16ft x 7ft (4.9m x 2.1m) - 5 per goal.
    • 5-a-side goals 16ft x 4ft (4.8m x 1.2m) - 3 per goal.
    • Mini soccer goals 12ft x 6ft (3.7m x 1.8m) - 4 per goal.
    • Hockey goals 12ft x 7 (3.66m x 2.13m) - 8 per goal.
    • Futsal goals 10ft x 6.5ft (3m x 2m) - 6 per goal.

    The sandbags comply with BS EN safety standards, guaranteeing the bags are safe for schools and leisure centres that use freestanding goals and practice cages. Purchase these sandbag goal weights individually, packs of 5 and packs of 50.

    Choose the right goal anchors for your pitch surface using our simple guide:

    Goal Anchor Type Pitch Surface Installation

    Place U-pegs onto the base of your goal and hammer into the ground until secure.


    Indoor, Hard Court & Artificial Turf

    Fill with sand and place over the base of your goal.
    Steel Anchor Weights Indoor, Hard Court & Artificial Turf

    Use the shackle chain provided to secure each weight to the back corners of your goal post.

    Wall Mounted Goal Anchor Chains Indoor, Hard Court & Artifical Turf

    Wrap the anchor chains around the corner of your freestanding goal, use the snap hooks to attach the chain to the M8 wall bolts.

    Goal To Fence Anchor Chains Indoor, Hard Court & Artifcal Turf 

    Wrap the anchor chains around the corner of your freestanding goal, use the snap hooks to attach the rest of the chain to your nearby fence. 



    • Sandbag is 23 inches (59cm) long by 15 inches (38cm) wide


    • Manufactured from black heavy duty polyethylene.


    • Hook and loop fastener strip keeps the sand in place.
    • Each bag weighs 20kg (44lbs) when full.
    • Sand not included.
    • Avialable individually, in packs of 5 and jumbo packs of 50.
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    20KG Sandbag Goal Weight

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    20KG Sandbag Goal Weight

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